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The Future of Luxury
The Future of Luxury

The luxury business is a dynamic and constantly evolving industry. As markets shift and consumer preferences change, luxury brands must adapt in order to stay relevant and competitive. This one-day conference will explore the current state of the luxury market, examine emerging trends and technologies, and provide insights and strategies for luxury brands looking to thrive in the years ahead.


  • Sustainability and ethical practices: Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impact of their purchases. Luxury brands will need to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices to remain competitive in the market.
  • Digital transformation: The pandemic has accelerated the shift to online shopping, and luxury brands have been forced to adapt to this trend. In 2023, luxury brands will continue to invest in e-commerce and digital marketing to reach new customers and provide a seamless online shopping experience.
  • Personalization: Luxury consumers are willing to pay a premium for products that are tailored to their individual preferences and needs. Luxury brands will focus on providing personalized products, services, and experiences to create a stronger emotional connection with their customers.
  • Collaboration: Collaborations between luxury brands and other industries, such as tech or hospitality, will become more common in 2023. These partnerships will allow luxury brands to tap into new markets and create unique experiences for their customers.
  • Emphasis on experience: In 2023, luxury brands will continue to shift their focus from products to experiences. Luxury consumers want to be entertained, educated, and engaged, and brands that can provide these experiences will be more successful.
  • Emergence of new markets: The rise of the middle class in emerging markets such as China, India and SEE will continue to drive growth in the luxury sector all around the world. Luxury brands will need to adapt their products and marketing strategies to appeal to these new customers.

Keynote speakers:

Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster, Founder & Creative Director of Stephen Webster and Chairman of Garrard, Stephen Webster / Garrard

Ashok Som

Ashok Som, Professor, Luxury brand strategy


Farouk Nefzi

Farouk Nefzi, Chief Marketing Officer, Feadship

Aleksandra Đurđević

Aleksandra Đurđević, CEO, Delta Auto Group (BMW, Mini, Honda, Maserati, KTM and DPA)

Dušan Simić

Dušan Simić, CEO, Analytical Gemology and Jewlery, B.Sc., FGG, SGC

David Margason

David Margason, Managing Director of Porto Montenegro

Marinko Ukropina

Marinko Ukropina, Global business strategy and sustainability,Former MD, SGS Adria

Igor Višnjar

Igor Višnjar, dr. med., Plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic and general surgeon, Fellow of Ebopras

Boro Vujović

Boro Vujović, Founder and Owner, Opereta Real Estate

Anica Radenović

Anica Radenović, Brand development director Fashon Company and brand manager PVH Group

Andrej Knez

Andrej Knez, Chief Markets Analyst, Bloomberg Adria


Vesna Damjanić

Vesna Damjanić, Editor in Chief TV, Bloomberg Adria

Nataša Davidov

Nataša Davidov, Editor in Chief Luxury, Bloomberg Adria

Jelisaveta Lazarević

Jelisaveta Lazarević, Chief Economy Producer, Bloomberg Adria

Ivana Laković

Ivana Laković, CEO, Luxury Integrated

Ivan Vrdoljak

Ivan Vrdoljak, Presenter/producer, Bloomberg Adria TV

Registration fee




4th October

7:00pm – Welcome cocktail

5th October

9:30am - 10:00am: Registration and networking

10:00am - 10:15am: Welcome and opening remarks

10:45am - 11:30am: Keynote speaker: "The State of the Luxury Market in 2023"

11:30am - 11:45am: Bloomberg Adria analysis

11:45am - 12:00pm: Coffee break

12:00pm - 12:45pm: Panel discussion: "Navigating Changing Consumer Preferences"

12:45pm - 1:45pm: Networking lunch

1:45pm - 2:30pm: Workshop: "The Role of Technology in the Future of Luxury"

2:30pm - 3:15pm: Panel discussion: "Sustainability and Ethics in the Luxury Industry"

3:15pm - 3:30pm: Coffee break

3:30pm - 4:15pm: Fireside chat: "Lessons from Successful Luxury Entrepreneurs"

4:15pm - 4:30pm: Closing remarks and networking

*Bloomberg Adria reserve the rights to change the programme